Worried About ALL The Crap You Ate?

Here’s An Idea: Don’t!

Worried about ALL the crap you ate yesterday. Yeah, you’re going to want to to stop that. And not just because we don’t care about counting calories, grams of sugar, and more (partially because it’s BORING, partially because it’s counterproductive, partially because, well, candy is yummy!).

But also because it’s both unnecessary and TOTALLY missing the point (which is to enjoy every damn minute of this entirely too short life).

So, here’s the deal for all of you worried about your candy consumption…

You ate it. So what. Move on… Stressing doesn’t help the situation any. It just spike your cortisol levels, making it harder for your body to process the sugar.

One day of anything won’t kill you. Except maybe meth. Don’t do that.

Measure your life by life lived and loved, not calories consumed. It’s wayyyyyy more fun. Trust us! And no, you won’t gain a million pounds and be miserable, instead, trust that your body knows what it needs – and sometimes it needs Twizzlers.

Drink some water. Assuming you ate way more sugar than usual yesterday, make sure to load up on the h2o today. It will help your kidneys, liver, and colon to flush that sweet shit out.

Eat something green. No, not because you need to, but because greens help to pull everything else through your system scrub-a-dub-dubbing your intestines clean and helping to rest your system.

Enjoy the damn candy. Have leftovers. Enjoy that shit! Don’t shovel it in, standing up in the kitchen, when no one is looking. Instead, sit down and SAVOR it. Chew it. Really taste it. You’ll be shocked how much more satisfying it is!

Happy Leftover Candy Day!

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