You’re Not Perfect. And That’s A Good Thing!

You’re Not Perfect. And That’s Perfectly Beautiful!

By Alexandria Rose Rizik

In today’s society, it is easy to make your life look “perfect” thanks to social media.

We’re all guilty of trying to capture our most beautiful moments to make our lives appear more extravagant than they really are. But the ability to share the glorious moments of our lives without expressing the reality that there are BAD things in life that take place as well, has backfired. In fact, depression and anxiety are the highest among millennials than any other generation before.

Striving to be the best version of yourself is one thing, but attempting to be “perfect,” “flawless,” and “unblemished” are not only unnecessary but unattainable – and dangerous.

Celebrities have contributed to this fantastical ideal by glamorizing the false idea of perfection. The bigger your butt is the more appealing you are or contouring your face to make you look like a completely different person will make you more beautiful. No! These are false accusations made up by society – and it’s why we struggle with confidence.

But our beauty is found in our imperfections.

The word “perfect” itself does not make any sense.

How can anything actually be PERFECT?

To one person what may appear to be a perfect situation, could be sooooo not perfect (or even completely dreadful!) to another. It is a matter of opinion — and living in the flawed world in which we reside, there is no such thing!

The acceptance of that should be liberating because we all make mistakes, we all have to cope with anxiety, we all have “flaws.”

5 Ways To Love Yourself More + Forget The Nasty Word “Perfection”

Take a yoga class.

Yoga is not only a physical workout but a mental workout as well! The best part about it is, no matter how advanced you are, there is always room to grow. You can always turn that balanced handstand into a scorpion, go deeper into your splits, or even transition from one arm balance to another. This is a prime example of “practice makes progress” and “progress, not perfection”— something we should all be striving for and working toward. Try to excel past the person you were yesterday, not some false idea society has embedded in your mind. Just like you’re not perfect, a yoga practice is NEVER perfect.

Join in on Makeup Free Monday!

Yes, it is always nice to get made up and go out feeling your prettiest, but take at least one day out of the week to embrace your natural beauty. Learning to love the way you look without the cover-up and foundation and layers of blush is so important for your self-esteem — and if anyone has any snide comments to make about it, remember that is a reflection of them. Not you. If Alicia Keys could walk the red carpet of the VMAS without any, you can handle a day or two without it too! It’s not perfectly contoured makeup that’s beautiful – it’s our “imperfections,” so own them!

Listen to your body, not the latest diet trend.

Everyone’s body is different. Some people may be able to tolerate gluten while others…not so much. We need to go deep and really listen to our bodies to feed our bodies, souls, and beauty best. Sure, we all want to look our best, but isn’t feeling our best how do that?! Silence all of your negative thoughts, and feel what your body is telling you.

Talk to yourself.

This sound crazy, but when you catch yourself in the midst of negativity, acknowledge it, and talk to yourself. Speaking things out loud will help register more positivity through your mind. Pick a mantra for whenever you catch yourself. It can be something as simple as “I’m bold, brilliant, and beyond the bull shit” (hehe, TheBeautyBean’s mantra!).  What you think is what you become, so only have confidence boosting conversations with yourself.

Get naked!

There’s nothing better than walking around your house naked. Make Sunday a day for you to clean up the house wearing nothing but your birthday suit. Embrace the jiggle, the curviness (or lack thereof) of your bottom, and don’t worry about what needs “fixing” or “improving” in your mind, because, like mentioned before, it’s based on perspective. You’re not perfect. No one is. You may hate having a larger rump but your best friend who lacks curves might envy every inch of it! Be you, stay true.

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