5 Signs You Need A New Nail Salon

How To Choose A Nail Salon

Whether you’re a nail salon regular or a special occasion mani/pedi kinda gal, picking the right nail salon is all about knowing what to look for to ensure your nails are as healthy as possible and that your manicure lasts.

Here’s what you need to know to find a great nail salon – and how to know if you need a new one!

5 Signs You Need A New Nail Salon

You Don’t See Licenses Displayed.
A licensed manicurist is trained in proper sanitation and disinfection practices and manicure technique. Don’t see licenses displayed by the entrance of your nail salon? That’s the first sign you need to jump ship and find a new one!

They Use Harsh Nail Polish Remover.
A lot of salons use pure acetone to remove lacquer (because it’s cheap and fast!) but it’s harsh on your nails. Ask if they have an acetone-free or sensitive formula – or bring your own!

They Use The Wrong Nail Files.
A super-gritty file may appear to get the job done most quickly (and that’s why salons use it!) but they are far too abrasive for your nails and make your nails more likely to peel and snag. Unsure about the files at your nail salon? Bring your own glass nail file to ensure a gentler file.

They File Incorrectly.
Again, in an effort to save time, many manicurists file nails back and forth, which can damage your delicate nails. Instead, look for a manicurist that files your nails in one direction.

Your Manicure Is CHEAP.
When it comes to your manicure, to some degree you really do get what you pay for. That $7 manicure means corners are being cut somewhere either with regard to products (like diluted nail polishes or inadequate sterilization) or staff compensation.

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