This Is Why Your Manicure Is Chipping – According To A Celeb Manicurist!

Hate spending the money and time on a manicure only to have it chip a mere 2 days later?

Sure, we know not to pick at our polish, to wear gloves when washing the dishes, and to keep our hands hydrated, yet far too often we find ourselves with less than perfect polish well before our anticipated chip date.

To help us elongate the lifespan of our next manicure, Elle (who’s been behind the manicures of J.Lo, Kerry Washington, Jada Pinkett Smith, and both Khloe and Kim Kardashian, to name a few) fills us in on the top unexpected reasons your manicure isn’t lasting – and how you can extend the life of your polish from now on!

6 Reasons Your Manicure Won’t Last – And How To Fix It!

  1. Poor Prep. “Removing oil and residue from the nail PROPERLY before polishing is key for a good base for your polish,” says Elle, which is why she recommends you wash your nails with antibacterial soap and water and then restore your nails to the proper PH levels with Dermelect’s IMMACULATE Nail Cleanse Prep. “Think of prepping your nails for polish, like you would prep your face for makeup — the antibacterial soap is like washing your face and the IMMACULATE is your toner or primer.”
  2. Filing Incorrectly. “Filing your nails in the wrong direction with the wrong file can cause your nails to split,” explains Elle. The solution: a glass file, which is the right amount of grittiness (too gritty and your nails will split!) and forces you to file in correct direction.
  3. Your Manicurist! Take the time and effort to find a well educated and trained manicurist, which could be the difference between a manicure that lasts and one that doesn’t. “I often hear people complaining that their gel manicure didn’t last because of the product or their own nails, but in reality, the manicurist didn’t do their manicure correctly,” says Elle.
  4. Skipping Cuticle Oil. “Not using a cuticle oil on a daily basis, multiple times day (especially during the winter) is depriving your nails of moisture,” says Elle. This isn’t just problematic for your cuticles, but rather, as Elle explains, “nails are porous and act like a sponge, so when there is no moisture, they will shrink and crack.” The result: chipped polish too!
  5. Cutting Your Own Cuticles. While we’re on cuticles, leave the cutting of them to your manicurist, who, Elle points out, should know how to remove cuticles and not the seal that protects you from harmful bacteria. If you manicurist doesn’t know the difference, Elle says to skip it all together!
  6. Not Drying Adequately. “Don’t assume that every manicure is going to dry the same way, in the same amount time,” Elle tells us. As she explains, “there are numerous factors behind drying time, such as the temperature inside and outside, humidity, the product, the color, the prep time, etc. While your nails are typically set to touch within an hour or so, the drying time is fully cured in about 24 hours, which makes the first 24 hours of your manicure the most imperative!” Bottom line: be super-duper careful the first 24 hours after your manicure in order to give your mani the best chance at a long life!

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