By Alexis Wolfer

Anti-aging skincare tips we hear regularly. We even hear about protecting the backs of our hands from giving away the number of birthdays we’ve celebrated. We know (all too well) that age spots are not nearly as sexy and leopard spots. And we know to rub extra facial serums, lotions, creams and sunscreens on the backs of our hands (and necks too!) to defy the signs of aging, protect us from sun damage and help us continue to claim we’re not a day over 29. (Or at least you know now.)

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But did you know that the way your file your nails and the polish you choose can also reveal your age? We surely didn’t. We’ll, not until we attended Prevention Magazine’s 2010 Defy Your Age Beauty Awards where we learned the key to an age-defying manicure. We know, it may sound silly, but with each added candle on our birthday cakes, we’ll take any tips we can get!

Defy-Your-Age Nail Care


Use a base coat to create a longer-lasting manicure. Stroke on a single thin coat – thick layers cause polish to smudge and increase drying time.

Try a pale shade of pink – the most forgiving and age-defying option.

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Once your colored polish is dry to the touch, sweep on a top coat. This clear polish helps set polish and lock in shine. Avoid multitasking products that claim to be a base, color and top coat in one.

Look for manicure products that contain sunscreen. It will extend the life of your manicure and help prevent UV-related ridging.

File nails in one direction with a soft emery board rather than with a back and forth sawing motion. To prevent breakage, keep nails short and square with slightly rounded edges.

Stash your polish in the fridge or another cool spot – heat and humidity can harden it.

Paint the underside tip of each nail to help polish stay on longer. This extra coating creates a barrier that prevents chipping for up to 3 extra days.

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