DIY The Rocker-Chic Manicure As Seen At NY Fashion Week

With nail art ruling the runways – and CND, as usually, nailing it (pun intended) – it’s time to push your polish up a notch and get crafty.

At Nicole Miller Spring/Summer 2012 runway show at New York Fashion Week, CND’s Wanda Ruiz took the color-blocking trend off of the hangers and on to the nails with glamorous, rock-inspired, checkered manicures that combined skater-boy chic and rocker glam in the perfectly coined – and executed – “Mic-Check Mani.”

Ruiz crafted the checkerboard manicures seen as Nicole Miller using CND Colour in Raspberry Parfait and a custom-mixed blue created by combining CND Colours in Anchor Blue, Dark Ruby and Eclectic Purple with added blue pigment.

How To DIY The Rocker-Chic Manicure

To create this look at home, paint a vertical sweep of pink down one side of each nail and do the same with a sweep of blue.

If custom blending a blue isn’t on your to do list, use Midnight Sapphire.

Each half of the nail should be covered with a different color.

When dry, paint the opposite corners of each nail with the contrasting color.

Top all nails with Ice Blue Shimmer for a dazzling finish.

Next time you want to tap into your inner rockstar, do us a favor and try this manicure from Nicole Miller rather than hitting the karaoke bar – trust us: your friends will thank you.

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