Beach Accessories: Bikini Necklaces & Poolside Polishes

By Alexis Wolfer

Magazine spreads and paparazzi photos always show beach-bound models and celebrities glamorously accessorized in their finest jewels. With gold bangles stacked elbow high and necklaces layered lustfully, these women look fiercely fashionable. We, on the other hand, tend to head sea-side with tattered tees and cut off shorts, our most valuable possession usually being our top-of-the-line facial SPF.

Even if glamorous jewels at the beach seem no more practical than the tan lines they’ll produce, we nevertheless want to look more fashion-forward (and less gym-bound) when lounging beach-side – no matter if we’re on a luxurious Caribbean vacation or just down the Jersey shore.

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Laura Lobdell had the same idea. The NYC-based jewelry designer – famous for taking everyday objects and making them into precious metal jewels – is stringing up her charms on cord made from bathing suit material. Pick your charm from any number of everyday items (think: guitar picks, bottle caps, seashells, matches, champagne rings, skipping stones and pasta pieces), choose your metal (gold or silver) and select your string color for necklaces as waterproof as your Malia Mills swimsuit.

Our favorites are the run-over beer caps and the rigatoni pieces, a nod to beachy-booze and the noodle necklaces we made as kids, respectively, (and, of course, a nod to our anti-no-carb diets). No matter which one you choose, however, you can rest assured that you’ll be as fashionable as the impractically decked-out celebs on the cover of the US Weekly we’re sure you’ll be reading – all without having to worry about what to do with your jewels while you take a dip (assuming that you’re not quite like the cover girl celebs and don’t have personal assistants cut out for that sort of thing).

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To really show off your necklaces, Lobdell has also designed a namesake nail polish, inspired by the lacquered blue doors of Paris and designed to enhance the look of precious metal.  Pairing flawlessly with either her silver or gold charms, the steel blue Laura Lobdell 183 (free with summer purchases or $18) is available exclusively at her West Village store and on her website.

Bikini Necklaces, $125 and up,

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