By Alexis Wolfer

If we had to pick one person in the beauty industry that we were mildly (ok, majorly) obsessed with, Deborah Lippmann would surely be a frontrunner. Not only are her nail polishes INSANELY fabulous, but she also has such a wonderfully kind demeanor that instantly has everyone swooning. (Just head backstage at any show she’s doing at Fashion Week and you’ll find beauty editors galore pining over her every tip – ourselves included.)  And when we heard that she was using her hot hue Across the Universe to raise money for Discover The Journey, a charity close to her heart, let’s just say she had us at hello…

When did your love of beauty and nails begin?

I am a jazz singer and I used to be a very bad nail biter. When I booked my first professional singing job, I picked up the microphone to sing at our dress rehearsal and the director took me aside and said that I need a manicure immediately as my hands are the first thing the audience will see and my nails were chewed to bits! That was when I had my first of many, many manicures. I was hooked. I absolutely loved it.  It was at that moment that I truly realized the importance of beautiful hands and nails.

Because I needed a day job to pay the bills so I could sing at night (and I was a terrible waitress!), I decided to go to cosmetology school and specialize in manicuring. I eventually moved to New York to pursue my singing career and got a job doing manicures during the day at a high-end beauty salon where I established a relationship with a very prominent editor. She began booking me on magazine shoots to do the models and celebrities’ nails and the rest is history.

What role does philanthropy play in your life and career?

It’s important for everyone, everywhere to give back on any level, even the smallest thing can make a difference.

Why you should volunteer too!

How did the philanthropic mission behind Across The Universe come to be and how can we get involved?

I’ve always supported charity work and giving back. I had a few instances recently that had inspired me to get more involved and everything just fell into place – it was the right place at the right time.

Founded to protect and defend children in crisis, Discover the Journey exposes injustices that affect children around the world and acts as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves through education, advocacy and unity.

We are inviting consumers to get involved and join us in our support of Discover The Journey by uploading an image wearing my nail lacquer Across the Universe, a blazing blue and metallic green glitter polish. We will donate $1 for each upload photo to help Discover the Journey continue to act as a voice for children in need.

What is your best DIY nail care tip?

The key to keeping hands looking good and healthy is to exfoliate hands and cuticles. Also, always apply a moisturizer to hands and cuticles every time you wash your hands. My mantra for the skin is moisture, moisture, moisture!

An exfoliating scrub you can make at home!

What polish are you wearing now?

I’m wearing Today Was A Fairytale, a silvery blue starlight glitter.

What polishes will we be lusting for this spring?

Spring is all about creating modern takes of classic seasonal colors in unexpected ways. The colors are more demure, but not your typical pastel shades. Naked is a clean, bare beige, that’s soft enough for every day but a sheer, more neutral version of fashion. Good for any skin tone and can be worn every day. Glitter In The Air, a sheer, sky blue confetti, looks great worn alone or layered over top of your favorite shade. It was inspired by Pink’s performance on the MTV awards. This lacquer is equal parts girly and tough depending on how it’s worn.

Finally, as a top beauty guru, who are the beauty mavens you rely on to look and feel your best? Who’s your favorite makeup artist, hair stylist, etc!

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the greatest artists in the industry. For the cover of my last album Vinyl, Peter Phillips, the creative director of Chanel, did my makeup and über amazing hairstylist Luigi Murenu did my hair. There’s nothing like having some of the greatest hands in the business get you ready to be in front of the camera!

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