By Alexis Wolfer

We never thought our inspiration for our latest nail art obsession would be found at Urban Outfitters. But, there we were, standing in the checkout line when the NPW Nail Art Gem Wheel ($6 at box caught our eye. And we were smitten.

Follow that up with a paint can filled with nail polish delivered desk-side yesterday afternoon from Avon and, well, the creative sparks were churning.

Not one to wait until a reasonable time to paint my nails, at 3am this morning, as I chugged my coffee to get ready for my PIX11 steals and deals segment, I decided to get painting. (Quick note: wait until your hair is done before painting your nails!)

And so my 3am dive into nail art began…

Here’s how to get the look of the bejeweled purple nail art manicure:

Apply a single coat of base coat to cleaned and prepped nails.

Here’s how to get your nails manicure ready at home!

Paint a single coat of Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Shimmer Decadence (available starting in June), a brilliantly royal purple that only requires 1 coat for full coverage, on all nails except for your left ring finger. (If you’re a lefty, leave your right ring finger out for easier nail art application).

On your blank ring finger, apply a thicker than usual coat of Duri Cosmetics Nail Growth System Rejuvacote – it’s a bit heartier than most base coats and, in our experience, easier to stick jewels into.

While wet, use a tweezer to apply a variety of jewels from the NPW Nail Art Gem Wheel to your ring finger nails. Start with the largest jewels (like the stars and flowers) and fill in the gaps with the smaller ones (like the round crystals). Make sure to press the nail art jewel into the clear polish so it really sticks.

Apply a top coat to all nails and let dry (before attempting to do your hair!).

How To Paint Flowers On Your Nails, A La Rachel Antonoff Fall/Winter 2012

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