By Jillian Fleischman

Fall is the perfect time to try something new. Between the transition of our wardrobes, apple picking, unusual recipes and unique beauty trends – our falls are jam-packed with what seems like an endless list of things to do as the weather changes around us. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to fit into the dwindling weeks of 2010.  One thing we are making time for, though, (and we’re sure we’ll continue to set time aside for come early 2011) is nail art.

There is no time like the present to experiment with fun fingernail polish. Right now we are in that unique time of year in which we can make the biggest statement with our hands. As we are pulling out our sweaters and boots, our hands stand out among the solids and blacks that we gravitate to come fall.

DIY nail art you can do at home!

If you’re anything like us at The Beauty Bean, you’re seeing advertisements left and right for new methods for getting your nails done. We know how confusing these ads can get and, frankly, we most of the time try to avoid the sales pitch on what makes them so different from our tried and true manicure. But, then again, there are some new products that we are LOVING at this adventurous moment.

To help you navigate through the options, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to break down the top 2 nail trends on Google right now (which just happen to be our fave!): Calgel and Shellac.

Here’s what you need to know…

Calgel. A Japanese nail art making quite the splash, is extremely popular at the moment – and for good reason! It not only lasts 4 weeks (that’s right, we said 4 weeks!) without chipping, peeling or any of the other signs of wear we’re accustomed to 48 hours into our regular manis; but also it doesn’t damage the natural nail like acrylics and UV gels have been known to do since it doesn’t require any extensive buffing or lights. Plus, it lets nails breathe after it’s applied. Long story short: your nails won’t look fake (just fabulous!) and they’ll be just as healthy when you take the Calgel off as they were before.

The downside: the price. Yes, you could do the math and calculate if you got a regular manicure once a week versus one Calgel a month, but we all know it’s a bit difficult to let go of a large sum of money at once.

Need a recommendation for a salon offering Calgels? Click here!

Shellac. Applied like a polish, but finishing like a gel, Shellac is sort of like a combination of a Calgel and a regular manicure. There is no drying time and it lasts 2 weeks without a chip! Plus, there is no filing needed at all. None! So your nails will be sure to be healthier than ever before after application and removal. And while it does take a bit longer than your traditional manicure, (each hand goes under a UV light between coats,) it’s faster than Calgels (and also less expensive, although still pricier than a regular ‘ole mani).

The downside: colors are limited at the moment, and while there are other gel lines available right now, we are trusting CND Shellac above all others.

To learn more about Shellac, click here!