Backstage Beauty Report: Christian Louboutin Color Blocked Nail Art at Novis Fall/Winter 2016

Designer: Novis

Lead Manicurist: Alicia Torello

The Scoop: Christian Louboutin shoes and manicures complemented an artful collection by Novis at their New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. Sure, the custom color-blocked shoes were to die for, but it was the Christian Louboutin manicures, with a negative space nail design featuring a color-blocked mosaic tip in a deep grey, mustard yellow and burgundy, that completed the look and left a swooning.

How To DIY A Christian Louboutin Color Blocked Nail Art

  1. Apply 1 coat of Loubi Primer base coat
  2. Using a detailing brush, paint a straight line of Sevillana from the bed of the nail to the tip.
  3. Next, paint Mula Lisa on the opposite corner mimicking a small triangle.
  4. Paint Daffodile at the top corner again mimicking a small triangle
  5. Finish with 2 coats of Loubi Gloss.

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