By Mussarat Bata

We’re total girly girls here at the beauty bean which means we love lace. Frilly skirts? Check. Peek-a-boo lace shirts? Got one in each color. Lace manicure…? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And, believe us, there’s a will. When we spotted some of our favorite celebs like Rihanna rocking lace nails we wondered how they did it. And when we finally figured out how to get the look at home, we realized it was so easy anyone can do it. Just follow these simples steps and you too will a master of the lace mani!

Another rockstar nail trend: minx!

Pick and prep your lace. While the idea of cutting tiny nail size pieces of lace seems daunting, it’s actually easier than you may think. Choose lace from a spool at your local fabric store (ideally from a trim or ribbon so the fabric is already thinner and more nail friendly). Then, place the ribbon over each nail and cut accordingly. Don’t worry if it seems a little long for your nail, you can always trim the strip down later.

Polish it off! No mani is complete without the perfect polish underneath. But, to show off the lace best, make sure you use a nude or light grey shade to make the lace really stand out. Layer two coats on your nails (one at a time) and let them set until they’re not wet, but still a little tacky.

Some nude shades we love!

Add some frill! When your nail is tacky, it’s time to add your lace! It’s best to do this to each nail individually. Simply place your lace cut-out onto your nail and press the edges down with a toothpick. Once the fabric seems secure, move on to your next nail until you’ve got them all covered.

Finishing touches! Don’t forget to finish off your mani with a top coat to seal the polish and help the lace set. If the fabric goes over your nail’s edge, trim it down with manicure scissors to get them as close to your nail is possible. And, voila: couture nails made easy!

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