By Alexis Wolfer

Elaborate nail art may not be for everyone (although we kinda think it should be!), but if you’re interested in taking your manicure to the next level (without leaving your comfort-zone), try this wispy metallic effect at your next manicure. Not only is it subtle (especially if you use a metallic hue of the same shade as your matte base) but also it’s easy to do – even if ambidextrous nail painting isn’t one of your hidden talents!

How To Add Subtle or Bold Texture To Your Manicure…

Start with 1 coat of Essie’s All-In-One Base Coat ($9.50 at Allow enough time for your base coat to dry before applying 2 coats of your matte base color (by allowing each coat of nail polish to dry before applying another, you’ll increase the chances of your manicure lasting longer!). We used Deborah Lippmann’s Stormy Weather ($16 at, which, with its crème finish, is the perfect almost-matte base for this look. Let both coats dry completely.

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Once dry, take your metallic polish of choice – we used Deborah Lippmann’s Brick House ($16 at for a bolder look, but you can use a shimmery polish in the same color as your base for a more subtle finish – and, removing any extra polish on the lip of the nail polish bottle, gently and abstractly stroke your nail from your cuticle to the nail tip. Only apply the metallic polish in one direction. Apply some strokes from cuticle to nail tip and others over only a portion of the nail bed. Other than being sure to apply all your strokes in the same direction, there are no rules, which makes this an especially easy nail art design to try if you’re not great at painting your nails with your non-dominant hand. Don’t worry about the metallic wisps being perfect. If your base color shows through – great! – leave it. Finish with a top coat.

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Want a bolder look? Use highly contrasting polishes (think: black with hot pink wisps, olive green with bright orange or electric blue with, well, anything!). For a more subtle look, use neutral polishes (think: matte pale pink with a shimmery polish in the same shade or a crème base with subtle gold wisps).

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