By Alix Turoff

This time of year (well, almost any time of year) we love everything pumpkin. We like toasting the seeds, whipping up pies and lighting scented candles. Needless to say, when we heard that Eve (one of our favorite spots in NYC for a mani/pedi fix) was offering pumpkin specials for fall, we just couldn’t resist. And well, we couldn’t resist finding a way to bring you their seasonally sensational pumpkin spice pedicure either!

At Eve, the lux treatment begins with a cup of hot spiced pumpkin cider and a piece of pumpkin cake (although if you’re DIY-ing this at home we recommend our healthy pumpkin pie recipe!) – and we suggest you begin your at home version just as decadently. Then follow our step-by-step how-to to make your dry, fall-ravaged feet softer then they’ve ever been.

1. Put a tablespoon of a pumpkin sugar scrub such as Bella Lucce’s Pumpkin Glow Body Scrub ($25)) into a warm water bath and soak the feet for 3-5 minutes.

3 pumpkin recipes for beauty!

2. Use a pumice brush ($4.99) to get rid of dry skin and calluses.

3. Cut your nails to the desired length and file them into a square or round shape, depending on your preference. Buff the nails with an emery board to remove any excess clippings.

4. Apply a cuticle oil, like Butter London’s Handbag Holiday Oil ($15), to your nails. Using a cuticle pusher, push your cuticles back and then carefully remove  them with a cuticle clipper.

5. Soak the feet for another 2-3 minutes and then remove and dry. Massage Bath and Body Work’s Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Lotion ($9.50) into the legs.

A pumpkin seed smoothie!

6. Use nail polish remover to get rid of any excess oils that may be on the nails.

7. Use a toe separator or roll up a paper towel to separate the toes to make them easier to paint.

8. Apply a strengthening base coat such as Essie’s Protein Base Coat ($8).

9. Pick a fun fall color. We’re currently obsessed with Butter London’s Yummy Mummy ($14). When applying polish, start with one stroke in the middle and then move outward on both sides.

10. Don’t forget to finish with a top coat!

For the total Eve experience, pair your pedicure with a piece of healthy pumpkin pie!

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