DIY Suno’s Gradient Blue French Manicure

Backstage Beauty Report: How To DIY Suno’s Gradient Blue French Manicure

Designer: Suno

Lead Manicurist: Rebecca Isa, Creative Director of ZOYA

The Scoop:

Suno’s spring 2016 show featured a modern french effect with opaque beige and grey blue. This simple yet playful gradient blue French manicure nail look was chosen to go with the daring designs of the clothes and subtle on trend colors for Spring 2016. “The Suno Spring 2015 Collection features bold graphic patterns that were complemented by this soft, subtle and feminine yet still fun ZOYA nail design,” said lead manicurist Rebecca Isa.


How To DIY Suno’s Gradient Blue French Manicure

  1. Prep the nail by shaping, gently buffing and cleaning up cuticles.
  2. Prepare for perfect application with the Naked Base.
  3. Next apply one coat of Avery to the entire nail.
  4. Apply one coat of Kristen to the nail tip.
  5. Take a sponge and lightly apply the colors to mirror the nail, dab to remove excess polish and lightly tap the nail to blend the colors for a perfectly blended gradient nail.
  6. Complete the gradient blue French manicure by applying Naked Manicure Glossy Seal and Fast Drops.

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