How To DIY Patriotic Nail Polish

When given a uniform to wear, it’s no wonder women turn to finger-fashion (aka nail art!) to express both their style as well as their individuality. So, it should have come as no surprise that marvelous manicures would make quite the splash at the Olympics. Yet a splash, they did – especially in the pool! – with swimmers from every nation showing off pretty elaborate nail polish art.

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So, naturally, we too wanted to show our support for Team USA with patriotic polish adorning our dedicated digits.

Multiple attempts at nailing the intricate strokes required to create specks of stars and straight stripes and, well, we were about to declare ourselves sore losers in the Olympic running for America flag nail art. That is, until we came across NCLA nail wraps in Fiercely Independent ($16 for 2 sheets of 22 nail wraps). With just a swipe of clear polish on bottom and top and the press of a sticker, we were rocking American flag nail art with neither the need for crazy painting skills (with our left hand, no less) nor a gold medal to pawn off in order to afford the price of in-salon Japanese nail art.

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Plus, they were incredibly easy to apply. The NCLA Nail Wraps are like extremely sticky stickers that you easily peel off their sheet, line up with your cuticle and use the included nail file to quickly file away any excess wrap. While the company says you can get 3-4 applications out of the box, we didn’t love the skull and money signs that made an appearance on some of the stickers so we passed those over, instead sticking with the more traditional red, white and blue – and the hearts! Even so, we’d still be able to get a second manicure out of the package – and for $6 a nail art manicure, we’re sold.

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