NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Report: Gradient Metallic Manicures

Designer: Zero + Maria Cornejo

Manicures by: Morgan Taylor

The Scoop: Raw and enchanting manicures complemented the all white collection with a grey-gold metallic fade perfect for nail art lovers – and those of us with limited DIY nail art talent (or just want a mani than can grow out beautifully!)

How To DIY Zero + Maria Cornejo’s Gradient Metallic Manicures

  1. Prep nails.
  2. Apply 1-2 coats (depending on desired effect and natural nail bed hue) of Heaven Sent to all nails.
  3. Once dry, top with Mattes A Wrap for a matte effect.
  4. In a small, disposable bowl (or bottle cap!) combine equal parts of Sweater Weather and Chain Reaction. Add a bit of Give Me Gold for highlight.
  5. Use a fan brush to feather the mixture on, concentrating color by the tip and fading it towards the cuticle.

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