Get The Look: How To DIY Gypsy Wheel Nail Art

How To DIY Gypsy Wheel Nail Art

Designer: Sophie Theallet

Lead Manicurist: Julie Kandalec for essie

The Scoop: Sophie Theallet’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was filled with glamorous prints and textured fabrics heavily influenced by the gypsy culture. Paying homage to the inspiration, Julie Kandalec for essie created symbolic gypsy wheel nail art using shades bahama mama and big spender.

How To DIY A Gypsy Wheel Nail Art

  1. Apply first base base coat to clean, filed nails.
  2. Next, apply two coats of big spender.
  3. On the thumbs and one nail on each hand, use a striping brush to draw two thin arcs at the base of the nails in bahama mama.
  4. On those same nails, fan out five equally straight lines in the smaller arc, starting with a vertical line down the middle.
  5. To finalize the nail art, dip a dotting tool in bahama mama and add five equally spaced dots to the outer arc.
  6. Finish with one coat of good to go top coat on all nails.