Fall fashion is all about texture. Leather, lace and velvet ruled the runways, but it didn’t end there. On nails from runways to showrooms, boardroom to carpools, manicure trends are all about statement nail art rich with depth and texture.

While CalGels and other gel manicures nail textured nail art, it is expensive (often more than $55 a manicure) and time consuming. And when it comes to glitter manicures that take glitter from feet (Miu Miu glitter shoes style) to fingers, until now it’s been a salon-only type of job since it’s been so hard to get a fully saturated glitter nail with glittered nail polish, which tends to coat your nail in clear polish with a sprinkle of glitter but fails to give you a the fully glittered nail you desire.

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After multiple trials and (even more) errors and loads of ‘crap my entire desk/floor/outfit is covered in glitter’ moments, we’ve mastered the art (and science) of how to DIY glitter nail art that rivals elaborate CalGel nail art.

The key: craft glitter.

The secret ingredient: glittered nail polish.

Using craft glitter may be obvious, but when it comes to adhering it to your nails, the key is to use glittered nail polish too since traditional base or top coat is often too thin to hold the heavy glitter in place. Also essential: letting the glitter fully dry before adding another coat. Here’s how we did it…

How To DIY Glitter Nail Art Manicures

1. Pour glitter in a bottle cap or shot glass so you can easily dip your nail

2.  Paint each nail with a coat of glittered polish in a corresponding shade (you likely won’t see much of it, but you want to make sure it works with the glitter you’re using) before immediately dipping your nail into the glitter.

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3.  Use your opposite hand to gently press the glitter into the glittered polish and to ensure you have fully covered the nail

4. Repeat on all nail

5. Let fully dry

6. Cover with another coat of glittered nail polish to seal in the glitter

7. Clap your hands together over a trash bag or use an old makeup brush to sweep away loose glitter

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