How To DIY Katy Perry’s Obama Manicure

Bumper stickers are old school. T-shirts (unless you’re ready to invest in an entire wardrobe of them or just rock dirty clothes for the next month) require days off (or lots of laundry). Nail art, however, is a long(er) lasting and, well, considerably more fashionable way to show your political alliance. At least Katy Perry thinks so (and, well, we do too).

Katy Perry’s Obama manicure looks like the hand-painted brilliance of Japanese nail art, but for all of you looking to declare your vote on your digits, try this:

How To DIY Obama Nail Art, Like Katy Perry!

After cleaning and prepping nails, apply base coat.

Follow with 1 coat of white nail polish.

Let fully dry.

Print (on regular printer paper) small images of your candidate’s face (or anything else!).

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Using small nail scissors, cut your images so that they fit on your nail, with as little surrounding paper as possible. (Make sure the printer ink is fully dry before moving on to the next step.)

Paint 1 coat of white nail polish on your desired nail and, while still wet, use a tweezer to adhere your cut out picture, making sure to press down on the edges so they sink in to the outer most layer of polish.

Cover with top coat.

Repeat on each nail.

Think of it as pinkies for president.

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Photography Credit: @KatyPerry