DIY Olivia Wilde’s Black + White French Manicure

Manicure maven Deborah Lippmann calls a French manicure with two colors other than pink and white a “duet.”

But here’s the deal: whatever you call this black and white take on the classic French manicure is your business.

Whether or not you can DIY it, well, that’s our business!

After stalking Deborah Lippmann’s twitter all throughout the Met Ball, we immediately swooned when she posted the picture of Olivia Wilde with her white nails tipped in black and, naturally, immediately asked for a step by step how to so we could recreate the black and white French manicure at home.

How To DIY Olivia Wilde’s Black + White French Manicure

1. Polish nails with 2 coats of Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Amazing Grace

2. When nails are completely dry plant both elbows on a table, with part of your forearm also on the table.

3. The hand that you’re working on should be laying down on the table with your elbow bent, so that your hand is facing the opposite arm. The fingers holding the brush should be pinched together.

4. Place the brush on the nail right where you want the accent color, Deborah Lippman’s Fade To Black, to begin, and holding the brush very stable, very slowly rotate your finger. The idea is that the brush stays still, and the finger moves so that you get a straight line.

Remember: less is more in terms of the accent color. The thin line makes it modern.

Photography Credit: @DeborahLippmann

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