By Alexis Wolfer

In a throw back to tie-dyed t-shirts and 80s-style spin-art, DIY nail art takes polish from proper to psychedelic without any artistic talent with – get this – the help of a glass of water!

How To DIY Tie-Dyed Nail Art

After prepping your nails for polish and applying a base coat, let nails fully dry.

Once your base coat is dry, fill a plastic cup with water (high enough so that you can easily dip your fingers into the water, or about an inch or two from the top).

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Carefully, using the nail polish brush, drip the nail polish colors of your choice into the water. (Here, I used L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish in Tweet Me, $5.99 and ButterLONDON in Primrose Hill Picnic, $14)

Experiment with dropping colors adjacent to one another as well as onto each other. Use an orange stick – or just the tip of a pencil! – to swirl colors into desired pattern. How they appear in the water is exactly how they’ll appear on your nails.

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Carefully roll your nails onto the surface of the water, depositing the color onto your nails. (A lot of nail polish will end up on your cuticle, and even onthe pads of your fingers, but don’t worry about it.)

Add more nail polish as needed rolling one finger into the polish as a time until all your nails are covered – and likely messy.

Once dry, use q-tips with nail polish remover to clean around your cuticles (or, in our case, our whole hands, which, by the end, were covered in nail polish).

Know that the nail polish will take longer than usual to dry because of the water but, on the bright side, won’t show smudges very much because of the pattern.

Finish with a top coat.

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