How To Paint Flowers On Your Nails

Sometimes nail art just means some crazy sh*t painted/glued/lacquered on one’s nail beds and called “art” – a la paintings that look more like the doodles your 2-year old self “painted” on your highchair with Gerber’s mashed peas and squash than museum-worthy creations. That’s not to say that we don’t love ourselves some Jackson Pollock-like nail art (trust us, we do!), but throw some Georgia O’Keef flowers our way (on our teeny, tiny nail beds, no less), and well, now we’re talking “nail art.”

So, when CND Colour’s leading team did just that backstage at Fashion Week for Rachel Antonoff Fall/Winter 2012, we were, needless to say smitten. And when we were told we could do this ourselves at home, you may as well just put a fork in us, because we’re done!

Now it can look like spring has sprung all year long. Really, who needs those allergy-causing flowers anyway when you can walk around with just short of a dozen stems on your own.

How To Paint Flowers On Your Nails

Use one coat of CND Stickey Base Coat.

Apply two coats of CND Colour in Flashpoint over the nail, leaving the moon clear of polish.

Using a detailing gel brush, fill in the moon with CND Colour in Brilliant White and create three to four thin peaks off the moon.

Using a fine detailing brush, outline the peaks with CND Colour in Anchor Blue and extend the lines from the peaks down in a diagonal towards the center part of the cuticle line in the white part of the moon. It does not have to be perfect – just improvise the lines.

Apply CND Super Shiny Top Coat to seal and protect nail design.

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