How To DIY Rock of Ages DIY Leopard Print Nail Art

By Alexis Wolfer

The last few days I’ve been tapping into my wild side and rocking a golden leopard manicure – and while numerous people have been asking about how I got the animal nail art on my now fierce fingers, when I tell them that it’s Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Rock n’ Roar ($8.99) from the new Rock of Ages collection, well, the number of people who seem bewildered by what they think is a complicated application process has forced me to spend today setting the record straight.

While it seems like everyone “knows” about these real nail polish strips – or has, at the very least, passed them in their local Ulta with an admiring glance – it seems as if a lot of you don’t really realize how freakin’ easy these are to apply.

The Cheapest & Best Facial EVER

Literally, if you know how to apply a sticker, you’re good to go.

Inside the clear little box are 2 small plastic-sealed compartments with 8 nail strips in each one (so you have lots of size options depending on your nail size and shape). On each strip is one end that’s slightly more square and one that’s slightly more rounded to match the shape of your cuticle. After pushing back your cuticles, removing any polish or reside from your nails with nail polish remover and lightly buffing your nails (although, to be honest, I skip the buffing step because my already thin nails could use all the layers they’ve got!), you peel off the clear plastic overlap of the nail polish strip, remove the sticker like backing, and line the nail polish sticker up with your nail bed and press it on firmly.

Added note: if you warm the nail polish strips up in your hands first (or by breathing on them a bit) they will be a bit stickier and will also have a bit more “give” so you can stretch them just a bit to fit your nail bed perfectly.

Assuming you don’t have nails so long they could be considered for the Guinness Book of World Records, there will be some of the nail polish strip hanging off the end of your nail. After the nail polish sticker is firmly in place, and well adhered, use your opposite hand to push the polish down over the top of your nail. If your nail isn’t sharp enough to break the nail polish strip, use a nail file to gently file the top of your nail to remove the excess polish. Repeat on all your nails.

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If you have really short nails (like me!) and you’re careful when removing the excess, you can use the excess from one nail to do another nail and get a full 2 manicures out of the single box!

The best part of all of this, though, (beyond being able to rock sick animal print nail art without a pricy trip to a nail salon), is that there is no drying time.

Just peel, press and go.

If you want to really ensure your nail polish strips last as long as possible, press them very firmly onto your clean nail bed and coat with a clear polish to seal them in.

And if you do have any extra strips left that you want to save, be sure to seal them in an airtight container, because the second you take them out of the plastic sealing, they begin to dry out.

Don’t have enough leftover for a full manicure? Next time, paint your nails a solid color and then use the nail polish strips to highlight and accent nail!

A more subtle take on the accent nail!


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