How To DIY Rebecca Minkoff’s Modern French Manicure

Nail How To: DIY Rebecca Minkoff’s Modern French Manicure

Designer: Rebecca Minkoff

Lead Manicurist: celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders

The Scoop:  Celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders created a modern French manicure using two fall essie shades, the antique pink go go geisha and a deep crimson maki me happy. The look was inspired by the eclectic cool girl vibes from Minkoff’s line.

How To DIY Rebecca Minkoff’s Red + Pink Modern French Manicure

  1. Start by applying first base base coat to clean nails.
  1. Next, apply go go geisha, an antique pink, to just the ring fingers, and let dry.
  1. Then, paint maki me happy, a deep crimson, on the rest of the nails.
  1. Now, take the maki me happy and while angling your brush horizontally, drag it across the tip of the ring fingers (just shy of half way down your nail).
  1. Using go go geisha in this same fashion, paint across the tips of the other nails to complete the modern french manicure.
  1. Finish with gel.setter top coat.

Pro Nail Tip: Michelle suggests holding the brush horizontally to help create a crisp, straight line. Another option is to use clear tape to tape off the area at the tip. Simply paint the tip of the nail. Let the polish to become semi-dry before removing the tape. Or, if you’re more experienced, paint the entire nail your base color and then use a flat brush dipped in acetone to remove the tip before painting with the accent color.