How To DIY Multicolored ‘Runway’ Nail Art As Seen At Emerson

Inspired by the runway when it comes to picking your nail art?

Take note from Miss Pop (the nail artist behind the multicolored manicures on models at the Emerson Spring/Summer 2014 show at New York Fashion Week) and take runway to manicure… literally!

From the abstraction of the models walking down the runway in their spring floral Emerson gowns, “a row of colorful characters blazing a path through the deep purple darkness of the excited, assembled crowd,” Miss Pop replicated an abstract version of the runway spectacle on models’ nails using Ciaté.

How to DIY the Multicolored ‘Mood Ring’ Nail Art at Emerson

1. Apply Underwear basecoat.

2. In a plastic palette or clean lid, pour a couple drops of Spinning Tea Cup. Using a thin paintbrush, swipe a few horizontal stripes up the center of the nail. You only need to cover about 40% of the nail width-wise with each stroke.

3. Repeat step 2 with Talent Scout, Raspberry Collins and Palm Tree, leaving little gaps between some of the strokes so the natural nail can peak through.

4. Paint a vertical stripe on the left and right edge of the nail in Talent Scout, leaving a wide stripe of the multicolor accent through the center of the nail. Apply a second coat.

5. Allow a few minutes for your look to set and then seal it with topcoat.

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