How To Make DIY Nail Art Easy

By Elizabeth Monson

For a grown woman (still hate that term, but it is the truth), there are but a few girlish pleasures that one can admit without accusations of refusing to grow up. Schoolgirl dresses can still have a certain French charm when not accompanied by knee-highs, we can still separate notes at work by which color pen we use and friendship bracelets are finally coming back in style.

Fortunately, those of us who want to remain forever young now have another option: nail art. We’ve been noticing the increasing popularity of nail art for almost a year now and the trend is ready to take off this summer.

There is an easy way to join in the trend without having to learn how to be a Picasso of a very small canvas. Instead, take a page from your childhood, pick up a pack of nail stickers and go crazy.

We opted for a floral motif, inspired by Erdem’s Spring 2010 runway collection. After layering flower sticker after flower sticker on our nails until each was almost entirely covered, the result was surprisingly chic and super fun.

Here are instructions easy enough for anyone who knows their way around a sticker collection.

Apply a clear base coat. Nail Magic has a great hardening formula that will keep your nails strong underneath the stickers. (Nail Magic, $8.49,

Apply nail stickers starting from the tip of the nail. Begin with 2-3 stickers per nail, then add more depending on the desired look. Cover the entire nail with stickers or stop ¾ the way up the nail. Claire’s has a great selection of colorful nail stickers, while drugstores also offer a variety of options (or at least the drugstores we like to frequent anyway!).

Apply 2 coats of a clear top-coat to ensure the edges of the stickers are sealed. (Essie Top Coat, $8,

The result: girlish, yet sophisticated nail art trendy enough for Fashion Week, but cute enough to satisfy our inner child.

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