By Alexis Wolfer

For almost as long as we can remember, the question has been round or square – sometimes square with rounded corners was an option, but that’s about as creative as our nail shapes got. Pointy? That was reserved for the 80s (and the creepy). And while ripped jeans, leggings and day-glo neons have certainly given us flashbacks to the decade that brought us Flashdance and made us swoon over Patrick Swayze– we never thought tapered talons would be on our list of trends ever again, let alone as soon as, well, now.

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Fergie, though, has the power to make just about anything cool. But does “just about anything” include pointed finger nails? We’re not sure…

While the nude tone and tapered tips certainly elongate the fingers and give the illusion of more dainty digits, the triangular tips are both hard to maintain (unless you have nails of steel or a manicurist on retainer) and dramatically increase your chances of injuring yourself (or poking out an eye, literally). Just a tap of those talons on a hard surface and any nail that bends ever so slightly will be sure to crack, chip or dent.

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Rather than caking on bend-resisting acrylics in order to take on this trend in style, if you’re looking to mock the rocker, we suggest a slightly toned down version that’s more wearable for those of us who spend more time on our computers than we do on stage. Rather than trying for a perfectly pointed pinky, instead aim for a slightly rounded end that’s more oval and less triangle. The curved tip will both help prevent aforementioned injuries, while also ensuring your statement nails last for more than a red carpet strut or a pristine photoshoot.

For those of you who really want to embody the star-studded style, perhaps a marriage of Fergie’s tapered tips and Beyonce’s metallic minx are the way to go!

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