If there are two trends ruling this summer, it’s nail art and neons – so why not combine the two and rock some neon nail art this summer (sunglasses not required).

With as-subtle-as-neon-can-be tips in all the neon colors of the rainbow, this energized take on the classic manicure is, well, not your mother’s French manicure.

How To DIY Neon French Manicure

1. Pain clean polish-free nails with two coats of clear nail polish, letting the polish fully dry both in between each and after both of the coats.

2. Line up your 10 neon shades in the order in which you’ll use them. (For a more subtle look, just pick one – like a sunshine yellow!)

3. Start by painting the tips of your dominant hand. (If you’re a righty, paint your right hand first.) The key to painting your dominant hand is to hold the brush steady with your non-dominant hand and move the nail you’re painting in a curved motion.

4. Let you dominant hand fully dry before moving on to painting your other hand to keep smudges away!

5. When tips are completely dry, top with your favorite high-gloss top coat.

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