How To DIY Neutral Floral Nail Art

Backstage Beauty Report: Neutral Floral Nail Art

Designer: Erin Fetherston

Lead Manicurist: MISS POP for KISS Products, Inc.

The Scoop: Inspired by a muse who is equal parts Jane Birkin and Anne of Avonlea, the Erin Fetherston Spring/Summer 2016 collection’s mood is of Arcadian reverie.  Sky blue reigns as the collection’s defining color amidst a palette of earthy pastels and Victorian whites. To play off the minimalist sensibility and scattered blossom prints of the collection, MISS POP for KISS Products, Inc., hand painted white flower petals on a pale pink base to create neutral floral nail art. MISS POP adorned the center of each flower with a cluster of pearls from KISS Salon Secrets LuxeAccents for added dimension.

How To DIY Feminine Floral Nail Art

  1. For the runway look, Miss Pop adorned model’s nails with KISS 100 Full Cover Nails in Active Oval and painted them with with KISS Gel Strong Polish in So Hot. Alternatively, use imPRESS Manicure in So, So Stellar or just paint your natural nails with a light pink polish of your choosing.
  2. Pour KISS Nail Artist Paint in white into a small petri dish or piece of foil and fill a shot glass with acetone.
  3. Dip the thin paint brush from the KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Tool Kit into the acetone and mix with the white nail paint, then lightly paint flower petals onto the nail.
  4. Create various sizes of flowers and alternate design; paint two small flowers onto some nails and one large flower on others, extending out from the left side of the cuticle.
  5. Allow polish to dry, then paint top coat on the center of the flower.
  6. Using the KISS Salon Secrets Luxe Accents Kit, pick up three pearls with the silicone stick and place them in a triangular shape in the center of the flower.
  7. Cover the finished floral nail art with top coat to set.