By Alexis Wolfer

When your nails need just a bit of polish but a bright shade is just too much and a pale pink seems too blah (or just too circa 1997), we have a new hue to consider: a sheer, bluish black. We know, it may sound odd, but the cool color we saw on the runway at Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2011 show in NYC is truly trendsetting, sheerly sexy and fabulously fanciful.

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Creating a veil of black, the blueish black glaze with a matte finish, Butter LONDON’s Nonie Creme for mixed the sheer shade backstage so as to create a look that, as she explains, “is reminiscent of hands that are freezing and the nails have turned a light black due to the cold.” With a touch of blue in the hue, nails take on a pale black shade (which, let us add, goes with everything in your wardrobe no matter the season) without looking dirty or muddy.

Muddy hues that nail it!

To create the look at home…

–  Start with clean, tidy, short finger nails coated in butter LONDON Nail Foundation.

–  Make the black veil-like lacquer by mixing 1 drop of butter LONDON Royal Navy and 3 drops of butter LONDON Union Jack Black into enough butter LONDON Hardware Quick Topcoat to create the desired translucency.

–  Finish with one coat of butter LONDON Matte Finish.

Another trendsetting look from Vena Cava!