How To DIY Bedazzled Nude Nail Art

Get The Look: Fashion Week’s Bedazzled Nude Nail Art

Designer: Houghton

Lead Manicurist: Miss Pop for OPI

The Scoop: OPI, lead by acclaimed nail artist Miss Pop, created a light, feminine look with an unexpected edge on nails and toes at the Houghton runway show for New York Fashion Week.

How To DIY Bedazzled Nude Nail Art

  1. Prepare nails with Base Coat
  2. Apply two coats of Samoan Sand, letting each dry between coats –
  3. Seal with Matte Top Coat (a big trend for spring!)
  4. Using tweezers for easier application, apply 1-3 hand-placed Swarovski crystals in clear or black on the middle finger of both hands, starting from the bottom of the nail bed.
 Photos via OPI