How To DIY Garden-Inspired Green Thumbs (+ Nails)

Get The Look: Hunter Green Garden-Inspired Nail Polish

Designer: Karen Walker

Lead Manicurist: Jin Soon Choi

The Scoop: The Karen Walker Spring/Summer 2015 collection offers a vivid palette of rich hues, evoking lush landscapes. To complement the collection, Jin Soon Choi created a literal green thumb, inspired by a garden, to complement the looks.

How To DIY A Green Thumb Manicure

  1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish
  2. Apply JINsoon Power Coat base coat to prep the nails
  3. Apply two coats of a forest green nail polish (the shade Jin used was from her upcoming JINsoon Spring 2015 collection)
  4. Finish by applying a single coat of JINsoon Top Gloss