How To DIY Pearl Polka-Dot Nail Art

Get The Look: Pearl Polka-Dot Nail Art

Designer: Honor

Lead Manicurist: Nonie Creme for

The Scoop: The inspiration at Honor’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection was Debutante falls in love with a George Harrison bad boy and they go on a ‘trip’ together. She finally realizes he’s a bad person, untangles herself from him and comes out stronger for it.” Random, we know. But the pearl polka-dot nail art that results is pretty sick!

How To DIY Pearl Polka-Dot Nail Art

  1. Apply a base coat to protect nails from staining
  2. Apply two coats of  essie Blues (on the runway, models wore a custom mixed shade by Nonie Creme for available Spring 2015)
  3. Add 3d pearls in a star pattern while polish is still wet
  4. Finish with a top coat

Expert Tip: Consider using faux nails from for easier pearl placement.