How To DIY Watercolor Nail Art

Get The Look: Watercolor Nail Art

Designer: Rebecca Minkoff

Lead Manicurist: Michelle Saunders for essie

The Scoop: Inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s unique 3D prints and color scheme, Michelle Saunders for essie created freehand watercolor nail art for the hands. Similar to a watercolor painting, each nail serves as a unique piece of art that intertwines with the collection.

How To DIY A Watercolor Manicure

  1. Apply one coat of blanc to make the polish shades appear brighter
  2. Beginning at the nail bed, apply one coat of bikini so teeny to half of the nail
  3. Next, apply one coat of turquoise & caicos to the remaining half of the nail, slightly overlapping with bikini so teeny in the middle
  4. Next, dip a striping brush in lollipop and create a thin horizontal fault line across each nail (do this step to one hand at a time, as the red polish needs to be wet in order to create the watercolor effect)
  5. Directly after creating the fault line, apply a generous amount of good to go top coat over the entire nail; continue to blend towards the tip of the nail until the desired look is achieved

*Expert tip: a base coat is not necessary when creating nail art that consists of several layers of polish; it will make the polish too thick and extremely hard to work with