Get The Look: Rich Blue Metallic Manicure

Designer: Karen Walker Fall/Winter 2015

Lead Manicurist: Jin Soon Choi, JINsoon

The Scoop: Inspired by Karen Walker’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Sapphire and Steel, Jin Soon Choi created a rich blue metallic nail to complement the clothing’s rich hues and strong patterns.

Get The Runway Beauty Look: Rich Blue Metallic Manicure

  1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish or grease residue.
  2. Apply JINsoon Power Coat base coat to prep the nails.
  3. Apply two coats of JINsoon Heirloom, a metallic turquoise blue.
  4. Finish by applying a single coat of JINsoon Top Gloss.

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