Pedicure 101: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Pedicure

Sometimes feel like you just spent $35 (or way, way more) on a pedicure that leaves your feet feeling great for oh, we dunno, 3 days before your soles are back to Sahara-like conditions and that previously pretty polish is slowly chipping away like your faith in the beauty industry?

Yup. Us too.

So when we got our toes did at Bellacures in Santa Monica, California and our pedicure (finished off with Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc in Judo Red Collection) lasted a full 4 weeks looking pretty close to perfection, well, we knew we needed to know the secret to a long lasting pedicure, and knew just who to ask: Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures Nail Salon Franchise.

TheBeautyBean: Let’s talk prep! Is there anything we can do before we even step foot in the salon to help ensure the best results possible?

Samira Far: The best way to make sure your pedicure lasts a long time is to avoid any kind of moisturizing treatments that will touch your toes. Your toe nails need to be very clean.

TheBeautyBean: During a pedicure, is there anything I should ask for (or ask not to have done) to make the results last longer?

Samira Far: Avoid paraffin treatments, or anything with intense oils [and use] OPI bond aid before base coat and then topped off with Seche Vite Quick Drying Top Coat. You also want to be sure you have plenty of drying time to avoid humidity and sweat in the shoes.

TheBeautyBean: What can we do after to ensure our pedicure stays as nice as possible for as long as possible?

Samira Far: Before you leave the salon, be sure to look down and carefully check your polish. You don’t want the polish making contact with the skin or the cuticle line. Also be sure that the manicurist covered the free edge of the toe nail in order to ensure long lasting coverage. Lastly, give your toes fresh air and enough drying time before sticking them in shoes! Or… Get gels! We do gel pedicures too. If you’re going on vacation, gel pedicures are the best for long lasting wear and also for long lasting shine!

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