Get The Look: Rebecca Minkoff’s Sunset Ombre Nail Art

The New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Backstage Beauty Report: Sunset Ombre Nail Art

Designer: Rebecca Minkoff

Lead Manicurist: essie Global Color Designer, Michelle Saunders

The Scoop:  Rebecca Minkoff and essie’s Global Color Designer, Michelle Saunders, crowd sourced three nail looks created by  this season. The winning design, “lucite sunset,” was directly inspired by the chunky lucite heels found throughout the Spring/Summer 2016 footwear collection. The sunset ombre pastel polish shades also perfectly complemented the color palette.

How To DIY Rebecca Minkoff’s Sunset Ombre Nail Art

  1. Apply first base coat to clean, filed nails
  2. Next, trim a makeup sponge in half and use the side that’s more narrow to create the sunset ombre
  3. From top to bottom, layer the sponge in thin, horizontal lines with tarte deco, marshmallow, beach bum blu and midnight cami. Sponge sunset ombre pattern on each finger, making sure tarte deco is always at the base. Colors will need to be reapplied to the sponge every other nail
  4. Then, apply one coat of spaghetti strap over each nail to “soften the sunset ombre”
  5. Finish with gel.setter top coat