The New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Backstage Beauty Report: Textured Nude Nail Art


Designer: Lie Sangbong

Lead Manicurist: Jin Soon Choi for JINsoon

The ScoopThe Lie Sangbong Spring/Summer 2016 collection showcases pieces made from traditional Korean linen in a color palette of whites and blues. Jin Soon Choi complemented the collection by creating a simple textured nude nail art look using sheer cream polish and a textured nail topping.

How To DIY Textured Nude Nail Art

  1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish and oil residue.
  2. Apply a coat of JINsoon Tulle.
  3. Apply one or two coats of JINsoon x Barneys Sahara Topping.
  4. Finish the textured nude nail art with JINsoon Top Gloss.

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