The Best Manicure Nail Tips from Beauty Bloggers

Want to know how those in the know keep their nails in tip-top shape? Yeah, us too. So, we asked some of the best beauty bloggers and beauty authors to tell us their best manicure tips…

“I use prescription polish called Genadur. It helps fragile, peeling, splitting nails. Use it every night before you go to sleep. You start to see results in 2 weeks.”
~ Debra Jaliman MD author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist

“I exfoliate my hands in the summer and make sure they’re well hydrated since the sun can do some damage – I love Fresh Body Polish, it smells amazing and leaves hands smooth and well hydrated. Also, many people don’t realize eating healthy and getting enough vitamins can have a positive effect on nails, one supplement I’ve taken is GliSODin Skin Nutrients, which packs in a bunch of vitamins.”
Jeanette Zinno of

“I am an avowed disciple at the church of CND SHELLAC. Honestly, after years of going for manicures once or even twice a week and having them chip almost instantly, I was at my wit’s end…no nail polish looks far better than chipped polish! UV gel manicures have been a godsend for me – they last two weeks – sometimes longer, and never peel or lift. (If they do, it’s in the application – go to a different salon next time!) If the expense is too much for you – they run $35-$40 in most NYC salons, try one of the at-home UV gel manicure options. It’s surprisingly easy to do yourself, affordable, and you can’t ruin your polish 5 minutes after you are done like with traditional polish!”
Aly Walansky of

I have quickly grown addicted to Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips. So much so, I may never use real nail polish again! As long as the directions are followed, these strips last at least 10 days (I would leave them on longer if I didn’t have noticeable nail outgrowth), remain shinny, require no drying time, and are easy to apply.”
~ Sarah Sudar of

“My number one secret weapon for keeping nails shiny and avoiding the inevitable damage that comes along with summer- sand, salty sea water, pool chemicals, or even just time in the sun all chip away at our manicures- is Essie Quick-E Drying Drops. My local nail salon used them on me and the shine lasted for nearly two weeks, adding extra protection over my color with long lasting results.”
Heather Walczuk of and

How to give yourself a pro manicure that lasts!

“Apply petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the nail before you polish. The nail polish won’t adhere to this skin making clean up fast amd easy. And to heal dry or damaged cuticles on the go, reach for a moisturizing lip balm in a pinch.”
Stephanie Louise Telford of

STOP BITING! If it’s your nervous habit, find another one. A good way to stop from gnawing your nails is by swathing them with nail polish. Every bite you take removes a chip of color. And although the chipped look is still in, the nubby look never was. And ALWAYS wear hand cream with SPF when outside. Even if you aren’t laying out in the sun, your hands are always exposed to the rays- especially when driving a car.”
~ Laurel House author of QuickieChick’s Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget

Apply top coat every other day, especially on the nail tip/edge to extend the life of your polish job.” ~ Cinnamon Bowser of

“I say once you go Shellac you never go back! Some people complain that the growth shows at the bed of your nails, but if you find a polish in a similar color you can fill the growth in or paint over it.” ~ Lori Riviere of

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