If the thought of juicy watermelon dripping down sweaty faces and sandy fingers has you pining for beach vacations and summer Fridays, we have the next best thing (and, no, it’s not a 75 and sunny forecast… we wish!). Here’s how to give yourself a watermelon inspired manicure from our friends from West London’s PrettyYoungThing Nails. Think of it as a sweet summer treat for your fingers. (Plus, it’s in season all year long.)

How To DIY a Watermelon Manicure

Prep Nail: File, buff and shape the nail. Use a good cuticle remover should you need to remove any skin around the nail bed. For more details on giving yourself an at-home manicure, click here.

Base Coat: PrettyYoungThing Nails swears by Seche Base Coat, as it provides a good base for any color, light or dark.

Base Color: We used Essie Nail Polish in Wife Goes On for this design. It’s a vibrant red/pink and two coats of this make for the perfect juicy watermelon manicure base.

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Tips: Once the main color is dry, use a white nail polish to paint a tip across the top of the nail, similarly to how you would paint the tip on a traditional French manicure, but thicker. Once dry, use a green nail polish to paint a smaller tip on top of this, leaving a thin line of white at the bottom in order to give the effect of watermelon’s green skin and the white flesh.

Seeds: Next, use a black nail art pen and, in a staggered design, draw on extended polka dots to resemble black watermelon seeds.

Top Coat: Once dry, paint on Seche Top Coat (again, PrettyYoungThing Nails swear by this!).

Other Nails. On this occasion, we decided to polka dot our other nails. For this, complete steps 1-3 then with a white nail art pen, dot the rest of the nails. Add a top coat and you’re ready to go!

Nail art by PrettyYoungThing Nails (£20-45, depending on design) is available in your home in West London or for events, parties and birthdays! For all inquires, email hannahyoung18@gmail.com

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