How To DIY Gothic Ombre Nail Art

The New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Backstage Beauty Report: Gothic Ombre Nail Art


Designer: Wes Gordon

Lead Manicurist: Rita Remark for essie

The Scoop: To pair with the feminine, yet edgy and dark undertone of Wes Gordon’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Rita Remark for essie created a gothic ombre nail art look that perfectly captured the enviable style of ‘90s “good girl gone bad.” The nail design juxtaposes light and dark with wet and dry.

How To DIY Gothic Ombre Nail Art

  1. Apply first base base coat to clean, filed nails.
  2. Next, apply two coats of in the lobby, avoiding the moon at the cuticle area.
  3. Then, apply one coat of matte about you over in the lobby.
  4. To achieve the gothic ombre design, remove most of the polish from the devil’s advocate brush and create upward streaks from the cuticle to the center of the nail.
  5. Finish your Gothic Ombre Nail Art by removing most of the polish from the gel.setter top coat brush and apply directly on top of devil’s advocate to add high shine.