You Want To Know How To Dress For Your Body Type?

Just Dress Your F’ing Body! By Lily Kay There is no shortage of reality TV, celeb stylists and articles in glossy magazines to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be wearing. And as if it wasn’t confusing enough that fashion changes every 15 minutes (or season, tomayto/tomahto), everyone has different rules to follow based […]

How To Survive (And Savor!) Thanksgiving As An Emotional Eater

How To Survive – And Thrive! – During Thanksgiving As An Emotional Eater By Kate Summers Tis the season for quality time with friends, family – and food. Lots and lots of food. The combination of socializing, stress and sugar can be a trifecta of anxiety for people who struggle with disordered and emotional eating. As […]

Kate Winslet Says ‘No’ To Photoshop

Kate Winslet’s New Contract Bans Photoshop Retouching We’ve always loved Kate Winslet but when the mega-star was recently reported as banning Photoshop in her most recent Lancôme contract, she skyrocketed to the top of our girl-crush list! According to E! News, Winslet has made sure her L’Oréal (Lancôme’s parent company) contract states that there will be […]