BMI Is Bullshit – Here’s Why

How BMI affects Emotional Eating By Isabel Foxen Duke I recently made a passing comment to a colleague…something along the lines of “BMI is bullshit.” In the slightly patronizing manner that only an older, male, health professional can assume, he said to me: “I would be careful to make blanket statements like that…you don’t know […]

Kelly Dooley: My Manhattan Nightmare + The Reality of Reality Television

The Kelly Dooley Story By Kelly Dooley Life is a succession of lessons that must be lived in order to be understood. The objective of this article is to share my lessons so that you can hopefully learn from my mistakes. “The meaning of life,” Picasso said, “is to find your gift. The purpose is […]

That Third-Wave, Though: Feminism + The Power To Be Yourself

By Laura Harvey Many people question or even deny the continued need for feminist activism. Women already have the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy. What more could they want? And perhaps this is true. Technically, on paper, I can do most anything I want—I have […]