BMI Is Bullshit, According To New Study

BMI Says NOTHING About Health, Research Says BMI, a metric that weighs (couldn’t resist) your height against your weight to determine your “health,” is under fire, yet again. Researchers who reported their findings in the International Journal of Obesity (I’ll save you the rant on why I even hate that this journal exists), looked at the connection between BMI […]

The #DadDo Wins The Super Bowl

Pantene’s Empowering #DadDo Videos Win Our Hearts + The Super Bowl Fine, so the Broncos technically won the Super Bowl, but those of us in the beauty biz have to say that if we were making the rules, Pantene would have won The Vince Lombardi Trophy for their #DadDo videos! In partnership with NFL dads, New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin […]

The Ex-Dieter’s Guide to Enjoying Food, Guilt-Free

How To Stop Dieting + Start Enjoying Food: The Ex-Dieter’s Guide   By Lily Kay Do you have the ability to look at any item in your fridge or pantry and instantly know its calorie content and fat percentage? I do. It’s the hangover from years spent dieting and sometimes it drives me crazy! Sometimes I just […]