“No Blood Should Hold Us Back,” Says New Bodyform Period Ad

By Alexis Wolfer

The typical pad and/or tampon period ad goes something like this: woman in white (ALWAYS in white, ya know, because she’s so confident in her sanitary products keeping the blood off of her clothes) does some sort of activity no woman actually does with any sense of regularity (i.e. bareback horseback riding on the beach, cartwheels in the living room, solo dance parties in her kitchen — fine, we totally do that last one, but that’s besides the point), all with a somewhat-creepy plastered-on smile because she’s just so damn happy (although it’s unclear whether it’s because she has her period or just loves her tampon so freakin’ much).

Nowhere in this typical period ad: blood, the one thing that actually defines said period.

Bodyform, a U.K. company, is changing that.

Sure, they’re not showing women with, as Donald Trump would say, “blood coming out of her wherever” (not that we want Trump discussing our periods anymore than we want him legislating our bodies), but the company is showing women persevering though blood (sweat and tears too).

Aptly titled “Blood,” this new commercial for their feminine care products (which was created by AMV BBDO), brilliantly ends with the line, “No blood should hold us back.”

Watch it here. Then tell us you don’t want to switch tampon brands just because of this ad!

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