Does Makeup Make You Prettier? Or Weaker?

Ever wonder what that swipe of lipstick really says about you?

I had breakfast this morning with MeInMyPlace’s Michael Edwards – at the ever-charming Locanda Verde in Tribeca. While lots of things came out of this conversation, some of which will hopefully lead to the most feministy-take on soft-porn (maybe) that one could imagine (if you could imagine such a thing…), one conversation point (among many!) stuck with me. Perhaps because it’s Makeup Free Mondays over here at The Beauty Bean – or maybe because it’s really that provocative…

Do women wearing more makeup and less clothes get more attention (from men) because they’re perceived as “prettier” or merely because they’re seen as “easier”?

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In the dating “game” in which men (typically) “chase” women in this animalistic, evolutionarily (non?) evolved way, are women wearing more makeup and less clothing seen as as the easiest prey and, if so, does that mean that they’re the weakest link?  When you go out Makeup Free are you, therefore, “stronger”?

I’m not 100% sure where I stand on this, but am certainly intrigued by the conversation… Would love to know your thoughts…