By Sierra Fromberg

Regardless of how much flesh you flash, for many of us, warm weather, sun, sand and beaches are more likely to induce feelings of sheer panic, than illicit joy from the idea of liberally throwing off those winter layers and proudly flaunting what the dude above gave ya. And that’s a problem we’re here to help solve.

Having just returned from a magical trip to Mexico (yeah, go ahead, hate me), the reality of bikini season hit me head on. I will admit, prior to my trip, I hadn’t invested in a new bathing suit since college (and, when I say “bathing suit,” I mean an ill-fitting bandeau and a pair of droopy bottoms that brought new meaning to the term “saggy ass”). Doubling the drama: I would also be turning the big 3-0 on this trip.

Fast forward through numerous trips to every stress-inducing department store in this city, multiple purchases and returns, a few moments of frowning and fussing and, eventually, I ended up with a pretty kick ass retro style bikini.  Tears though, were not welcome in my dressing room – nor were any other confidence-leveling influences. I was determined to tackle bikini shopping with the “I love my body” confidence I’ve been working towards for the last 29+ years.

Sexy undies come with confidence!

The point of my fable, though, is not that everyone should go out and spend hours searching for the perfect beach attire, but rather that every woman should be able to confidently bare all in even the barest of bikinis, without pinching her thighs or fretting over her belly. We should recognize that our fears of stripping down come from external influences that we have the power to ignore – not from any problems actually rooted in reality.  Just think: almost every magazine you pick up around this time of year has some story about hiding your flaws on the beach or how to lose those last fickle five pounds just in time for Memorial Day. I am, however, officially declaring war on all these boneheads who encourage us to hide it, fix it or fake it. This message does nothing but make us feel badly about the wonderful bodies we all already have. And yes, they are wonderful just the way they are – so don’t let anyone (or anything) make you feel otherwise!

First of all, lets be honest, do five pounds really make a difference in the grand scheme of life?  Hell no! Five less bucks? Now that’s something to fret over!  Plus, who cares if you’ve got a little extra to love? We all have different bodies – and that’s what makes US beautiful! Flaunt what you’ve got!! And remember that not even the models you see in magazines have those rail-thin bodies (oh, the dangers of Photoshop on our perceptions of body image and beauty).

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Personally, I have genetically inherited my mom’s giant tatas, as well as the adipose tissue (um…cellulite) she had on her outer thighs. Now I could have spent my trip wrapped up in a sarong like some tropical hot dog, but I chose to strut my shizz instead.  Were there bitches on the beach with more toned gams than mine? Duh! But none of them can hold a candle to my au-natural rack. Point being: find that confidence within yourself!

Need help reminding yourself?  Set confidence boosting alarms on your cell phone or place post-its around your home and office or set your computer password as an uplifting message like “I am beautiful.”  Still need more help? (Don’t worry, confidence takes time to build in much the same way it took time to destroy.) Surround yourself with people who tell you, Bruno Mars style, “you’re perfect just the way you are.”

Wanna take it one step further?  Go ahead and post a pic of you rocking that gorg bod in a bathing suit on our Facebook page and tell the world you ain’t scared of no bathing suit season!!

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