When you look in the mirror and criticize your large forehead, protruding chin and round face are you seeing yourself the way others see you?

With only 4% of women describing themselves as beautiful, there must be a disconnect. Right?!

Well, leave it to Dove to (yet again) shine a light on our perseptions of beauty, and their impact.

The company behind the Real Beauty campaigns of years past, recently launched this video (below) showing us the glaring differences between how we perceive our own beauty and how others perceive us.

Not only are women self-describing their beauty far more negatively than others are describing their same looks, but this self-reflection has far reaching consequences. It reflects our perceived self-worth, impacts how we relate to others and may even affect our professional accomplishments as well. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let this make you think… then let it make you appreciate – and OWN – your Real Beauty.


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