If Real Women Have Curves, Are Skinny Girls Not Real?

By Alexis Wolfer

As most of you know, I used to have an eating disorder – or maybe I still do… I struggle as to whether eating disorders are, like alcoholism, something you perhaps always have (I say have, not “are,” because I do not define myself by it) or something you truly can recover from.

Bottom line: I’ve struggled with my body image, worried incessantly about my body and after getting my own issues in check, decided to work tirelessly to help other women embrace their Real Beauty. It’s why I started The Beauty Bean, launched Makeup Free Mondays and talk endlessly about the need for us to treat our bodies (and ourselves) with love and respect.

Needless to say, I’ve wholeheartedly embraced the “Real Women Have Curves” movement.

Because, yes, in a culture that often makes us feel as if the ideal woman is, like the average model, extraordinarily tall and thin (weighing 23% less than the average woman!), women who “fail” to achieve this unattainable ideal are often made to feel self-conscious, undesirable and the F-word (aka “fat”). Which. Is. Absurd.

Anything that makes women who don’t fit this dangerous standard of beauty feel as beautiful as they are gets my support.

What I most definitely don’t mean to imply in saying that “Real Women Have Curves” is the inverse: that women who are not curvy are not “real women.”

All women are real women.

All women’s bodies, when treated with love and respect, are beautiful.

It’s about Real Beauty. 

It’s about knowing that some real women have curves, but some don’t.

It’s about embracing your Real Beauty, whatever size or shape that may be.

Love your body. Love yourself. 

Here’s a Skinny Girl’s take on it – from my girl (and The Beauty Bean contributor!) Amanda Russell


Photo from Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign