I don’t usually watch weight-loss TV segments or support diet books of any kind (hell, if there were 1 diet book that worked for everyone there would be 1 best-selling diet book and we’d all be healthy, fit, glowing and – dare I say it – thin.). But, the other day I was watching the Today Show and their requisite diet segment came on featuring J.J. Virgin (author of the now wildly popular Virgin Diet) and she said something that resonated with me – something I’ve been saying for years, although not nearly as eloquently: our bodies aren’t bank accounts in which calories come in and go out. Rather, our bodies our chemistry labs in which complex processes take place that convert food to energy we use, energy we store and waste.

It’s why a more calorically dense piece of whole grain bread is a better food choice (even if – no, especially if – you’re trying to lose weight!) than a less caloric slice of heavily processed white bread: because our bodies know how to use it, break it down and get rid of it. (Although I’m sure I don’t need to remind all you Beauty Bean-ers, health and wellness should be the goal, not some arbitrary number on the scale!)

So, as all of you embark on your New Years resolutions (which I hope include more than that which can be measured on a scale!), I urge you to remember that your body is more than a bank account. Your body is a complex chem lab (like the kind found in prestigious Ivy League med schools, but with enviable beauty!) – and in much the same way you wouldn’t load up your pretty lab with crappy appliances and sub-par concoctions, don’t cheat your body either. Sugar-Free Jello’s just not gonna cut it.Treat your body with self-love and respect, and it will return the favor.

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