Makeup Free Mondays: An Open Letter About Real Beauty, Makeup-Free Celebrities & Airbrushing

Makeup Free Mondays is all about authentic, natural and real beauty. And while we certainly admire and appreciate the breadth of the makeup free movement across industries, publications and people, we’re concerned about its authenticity.

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Here, our open letter to the editors of the magazines promoting celebrities posing without makeup:

To the Editor,

The latest proliferation of images of celebrities posing sans cosmetics is refreshing – and the intentions are certainly pure. That being said, without also eliminating digital alterations and crafty lighting, the message falls short. With skin rendered flawless and eyes brightened by a computer, these images (albeit unintentionally) undermine the overall intent, or what we imagine it to be: to promote natural beauty.

Natural beauty is what we look like without professional fashion and hair stylists and certainly without the use of Photoshop.  It is through promoting true, natural beauty that we can expand the definition of beauty, shed light on what really defines beauty and promote self-confidence and comfort in one’s own skin. Moreover, it is our fear that such a flawless (digitally altered) picture of “makeup-free” beauty, under the guise of “real” or “natural” beauty, just further solidifies the unattainable standards of beauty already perpetuated by so many publications – standards that lead to low self-confidence as well as eating disorders both of the restrictive and binge eating kind.

Both magazines and celebrities hold a lot of power. They set standards of beauty and influence the way women perceive themselves. So while we applaud the recent celebrities willing to go without makeup, we wish that the images shown were of these stars both makeup and photoshop free (like the images sent to us of the numerous women joining our Makeup Free Mondays movement) – then we can talk real beauty. Until then, we hope you’ll join The Beauty Bean’s Makeup Free Mondays movement to promote real beauty, authentically.


Alexis Wolfer
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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